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Continuing Degree and Non-Degree Student Registration

Note: International students in F-1 or J-1 student status are not eligible to enroll as non-degree students. International students in F-1 or J-1 student status should refer to specific instructions for international students.

Currently-enrolled students receive registration information through their American University e-mail account each fall (for spring registration) and spring (for fall and summer registration).

Students should follow these directions:

1. Check their AU e-mail account for information concerning registration.

2. Schedule an appointment with their academic advisor.

Non-degree students receive academic advising and registration assistance through the academic department in which they intend to study.

3. Before meeting with an academic advisor, students should produce a degree audit report from their account.

It is their responsibility to select a schedule of courses that is free of day/time conflicts.

4. With an advisor, students confirm or revise their semester course schedule.

5. Students must meet all prerequisites and obtain all required approvals and authorizations for the courses in which they intend to register. They are only permitted to register for courses for which they have met the prerequisites or received a waiver/permission.

Students who wish to take courses in Applied Music (Department of Performing Arts), Kogod School of Business, and the School of Communications, must obtain permissions or prerequisites waivers from the appropriate departments prior to registration.

6. Students must clear any outstanding financial or other stops before attempting to register.

7. Confirm the dates when registering for courses. Undergraduate students may register starting on the date corresponding to their completed credits (see ).

8. Log onto , go Eagle Service and select "Student Planning." To view section availability, navigate to the "Catalog" tab. Before processing registration, verify that the desired course sections are still open.

Admission to courses is subject to space availability and confirmation of eligibility. Enrollment in courses will be confirmed immediately, but validation of registration is subject to settlement of student accounts within the stipulated period for payment of tuition and fees. Failure to comply with payment schedules may result in cancellation of registration and will necessitate re-registering for courses.

Note: students will not be allowed to re-enroll in course sections that have closed.

The following are not available for web registration: internship, independent study or reading, community service learning projects, consortium, AU Abroad programs, alumni audit, maintaining matriculation and any courses with a variable credit value.

See Changes in Registration for more information on adding and dropping courses.

Special Departmental Requirements for Non-Degree Students

  • Departmental approval must be obtained for non-degree registration courses at the 600 or 700 level.
  • School of International Service (SIS): Approval must be obtained for all courses at the 500, 600, or 700 level.
  • Kogod School of Business (KSB): Approval must be obtained for non-degree registration in all KSB courses. In addition, non-degree students must demonstrate that prerequisites have been met. If prerequisites have been completed at a college or university other than American University, students must provide copies of appropriate transcripts. Graduate students must have satisfactory GMAT scores, and a satisfactory grade point average in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work. Students must provide copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts and GMAT results.
  • School of Communication (SOC): Approval must be obtained for non-degree registration in all SOC courses.