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Registration Changes and Refunds

Students are responsible for identifying implications for their progress and status at the university, including impact on financial aid, which results from any change in registration. Students are also responsible for verifying that all changes in registration are reflected in their degree audit report and other official student records.

Adding and Dropping Courses

Students may add or drop a course through the tenth business day of classes for the fall or spring, or the equivalent for a summer session or other non-standard session.

In addition to any course prerequisites and required authorizations, approvals are required for the following:

  • Students adding business courses must obtain approval from the Kogod School Undergraduate or Graduate Program Office.
  • Students adding communication courses must have approval from the School of Communication.

Add/Drop Dates

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines related to standard course sections. Drop and refund deadlines for non-standard course sections are included in the table below:

Refund Schedule for Classes with Non Standard Length
Class Length (Days) Days to Drop with 100% Refund Days to Withdraw with 50% Refund Days to Withdraw with 25% Refund Last Day to Withdraw with W
1-14 1 No Refund No Refund 0
15-34 2 4 5 12
35-42 5 8 11 26
43-49 6 9 12 31
50-65 7 11 15 36
66-80 9 14 19 47
81-96 12 19 26 63
97-110 14 21 28 70
111+ 15 22 29 75

Students who are enrolled in the university's online degree programs should refer to their specific program academic calendar to determine the applicable tuition refund schedule. Please see State Authorization page for state specific regulations. For additional information about the refund schedule and regulations for dropping or withdrawing from a course, please visit the Student Accounts page.

Withdrawing from a Course or from all Courses

Students may withdraw from a course or from all courses up until the end of the tenth week of the semester or the equivalent for summer and other non-standard sessions unless they have been charged with a violation of the . Some additional restrictions on course withdrawals may apply to particular academic programs, international students and athletes. Additional restrictions may also apply to courses used to satisfy the . When students withdraw before the tenth week of the semester or equivalent for other terms, a grade of "W" is entered for each course.

Students who want to drop or withdraw from all courses simultaneously must work with their academic advisor and file a Drop or Withdraw from All Classes Form. The date of the drop or withdrawal from all classes will be based on the last date of the attendance which must be provided by the instructors and included with the submission of the Drop or Withdraw from All Classes Form. If a student's last date of attendance is after the last day to drop a class and before the last day to withdraw from a class, the student will receive a "W" for each course. Such students may be eligible for a partial reimbursement. If a student leaves after the last day to withdraw from classes, the student will receive no reimbursement and should expect to receive failing grades for that semester. Discontinuation of attendance at a class or notification to the instructor is not sufficient to constitute an official drop or withdrawal from a course. Occupied university housing must be vacated promptly by students who drop or withdraw from all courses.

Reduction of Course Load Due to Medical Reasons

In the event a student encounters medical difficulties after the tenth week of the semester and wishes to withdraw from all courses or secure a reduced course load, the student must meet with the Office of the Dean Students to provide medical documentation. After meeting with the Dean of Students, the student must meet with the academic advisor to file a petition requesting withdrawal from all courses or reduction of course load and all affected instructors must be consulted during the routing of the petition. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies or the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies makes the final decision for such withdrawals from all courses or reduced course loads. Students should provide medical documentation only to the Office of the Dean of Students. Students must petition the Office of the Dean of Students to take a medical temporary leave, to return from a Medical Temporary Leave or to return from a semester during which they withdrew from all courses or received a reduced load that was approved for medical reasons. The Office of the Dean of Students will provide verification to the academic unit when the student is ready to resume studies at the university.

Grade Type Option

Students may change grade type options (A-F or Pass/Fail) through the tenth week of classes for the fall or spring, or the equivalent for a summer session or other non-standard sessions.

Changing grade type is not permitted for courses that require a specific grade type, such as Pass/Fail only. Students are responsible for verifying that such changes are reflected in their official student record.